Alma comes to life in 2015 after several years of research and hard work, it is born from changes, from the exploration of nature and the combination with a passion for jewelry. All this procces take us to experimet ways to highlight the most subtle details, textures and shapes that can be found in nature.

With care we learned to capture nature in time and play homage through exclusive jewels. A mold-free technique allows us to immortalize flowers and plants to be later plated in gold, rose gold or silver and reflect the unique character of the treasures found in Colombian flora.

Our passion for botanics, our country and our craft allows us to create and promote conversations where art, culture, environmentalism and education meet. Today Alma Joyería allows us to create synergies between communities of small farmers, land workers , environmentalist, artists and artisans in order to create a network that gives the opportunity to care for native forests, endangered environments, celebrate nature’s beauty and above all display the true heritage of our country and its people.

Our jewels travel across the globe as ambassadors of our nature, they carry all the emotions that reflect our personality, and the intention of our brand to deliver nature in its perfection to a jewel bearer that is innovative/modern, elegant, bold and without fear of the spotlight, they become treasure collectors keeping our pieces as works of art.

Each piece includes a certificate of origin, type or species, place and date where it was collected.

We act and believe in responsible and sustainable processes, water re-use, recycled materials, material re-purposing or re-use and we buy certified gold only.